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All things history plus more...


Do you love history? True stories? Are you a PS-12 teacher or parent needing a splash of creative, hands-on teaching ideas and resources? Then I write for you!

My field is mainly history (through the arts), but I also write in English, Latin, music, and drama. I’m known for my non-traditional (but very cool) methods.

Whether you are a teacher, home educator, parent or grandparent, I appreciate your interest. It’s great to connect with you.

I encourage you to sign up for my email list NEWS BLAST. In 2023, one of the focuses will be on using the PAST to create cozy family living today. Cheers!

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“You don’t stay still for time!” This is what a friend just told me…and she’s right. But along with working and connecting with others, we need some plain ol’ FUN. In IMPROVISATION & COOPERATIVE GAMES, I’ve compiled 12 great activities.

Or what about a poem to read on Christmas Eve? Or a short “commercial” for a Christmas pageant? 

Enjoy this month of lights, anticipation, and family as you meld into the Christmas season.


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