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Do you love history and true stories? Or are you a PS-12 teacher needing a splash of creative, hands-on units and supplementals? Then I write for you!

My fields are history (with the arts), as well as English, Latin, music, and drama and I’m known for my non-traditional (but very cool) methods.

Whether you’re a teacher, home educator, parent or grandparent, I appreciate your interest and encourage you to sign up for my email News Blast. It’s great to connect with you and I hope you’ll visit again.

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MUSIC for January!

Do you know a music teacher who would love great, hands-on teaching ideas? Have them take a look at PIANO TEACHER’S RETREAT and MY FAVORITE RHYTHM ACTIVITIES…for starters. My MUSIC sale is on Teachers Pay Teachers January 1-4 and January 25 RIGHT HERE.


“We’ve been pootling around North Wales,” my British friend revealed last month.  Isn’t it fun to casually drive from place to place, enjoying the history and scenery?

Along those lines, I have a new TAB on my website called RESEARCH. It’s about my travels when I research my books. Sit back and enjoy!