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Do you love history? True stories? Are you a PS-12 teacher needing a splash of creative teaching ideas? Do you incorporate integrated, active, hands-on learning? Then I write for you!

My fields are history (through the arts), English, Latin, music, and drama and am known for my non-traditional (but very cool) methods.

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One of the most fascinating bits of history I’ve ever researched is the forerunner of the Coast Guard called the U.S. LIFE-SAVING SERVICE. In the midst of horrific storms, members would row their boat out to stranded or sinking ships and rescue those on board.

Parents and homeschoolers often use this book over the summer months. It’s  filled with hands-on activities including two relevant workshops on boating and hiking survival. **I was asked by the U.S. Life-Saving Service Heritage Association to write this book.


If you’d like me to present (Zoom) on THE SURFMAN’S DAUGHTER this fall, contact me.  It was a pleasure doing an event on August 4!