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Welcome! Do you love history? True stories? Are you a PS-12 teacher needing a splash of creative teaching ideas? Do you incorporate integrated, active, hands-on learning? Then I write for you!

My fields are history (through the arts), English, Latin, music, and drama and am known for my non-traditional (but very cool) methods.

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Summer Resources 2

Summer Resources 1


MAY is here and SUMMER is coming!

I’ve chosen a few summer items you may enjoy: Maritime Art Projects, Improvisation & Cooperative Games, Run that Marathon!, and Medieval Outdoor Games (for today). 

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History Skits

I have 43 skits about true events in history from several writers.  Introduce or summarize topics in your classroom…or have your kids perform these skits outside this summer!

Under the BOOKS and MATERIALS tab above, choose History Skits to the right.  PREVIEWS are on Teachers Pay Teachers RIGHT HERE or Amazon HERE.

Found at Sea

The Census

The Chemistry Cure

One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.

Andre GideFrench Nobel Prize winner in Literature | Used in the production, “Discovery” by R. Locklear