Latin Club Activities

Latin Club Activities gives teachers in class or those leading a club, a choice of 50 hands-on activities from acting, cooking, designing and drawing to game making, singing, and learning to write short books in Latin.

For grade 6-12 students studying Latin at any level OR for those with a casual interest in the language.

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NOTE: TPT required an edited version without some illustrations and text. For the full version, contact Rebecca through her publisher: The full version will be available at another store in 2023.


“I got this resource to pre-plan for the future with my own kids. My own education benefited greatly from studying Latin for 6 years and I want them to have that experience as well. This resource gives great ideas for teachers to engage students creatively and perhaps retain more students over time. Latin Club Activities provides a framework to support the camaraderie of learning, as well as individual creativity.” – Lydia V., educator

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