American Inventions

History fun with common items!

In AMERICAN INVENTIONS, a cast of six takes on a variety of roles as they delight audiences with the history of common household items such as blue jeans and the can opener. Perfect when focusing on society in the 1800s. Entertaining!

  • Type: True information
  • Setting: 1815, 1857-1886, present
  • Grades: 7-10
  • 10 pages

Where has this skit been used?

  • History classes
  • Drama showcases
  • 1800s choral music with drama concerts
  • Homeschool events
  • Museums

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If you need additional ideas to teach inventions, see Household Inventions in 19th Century America.


“This is much fun and perfect when you need a skit where six drama students work as a team. Plus, the invention information is of high interest to students and audiences. I saw Rebecca Locklear’s students perform this and intend to add this skit to my cache of drama materials. Excellent piece.” -Amazon customer

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