Beyond Scotland's Golden Age

Whether introducing English/Scottish history to students or needing a piece for performance, this play includes extensive background information – saving you bundles of time if you had to go look it up.

SUMMARY: When the King of Scotland died in 1286, there was no direct heir to the throne of Scotland. How did the involvement of King Edward I of England lead not only to the downfall of the town of Berwick (located in Scotland) but to 300 years of war?

  • Type: True events
  • Time and Region: 1286-1296; town  of  Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Grades: 6-12, adults
  • Performance Time: 15 minutes


  • History classes (English and Scottish history/13th century) as reader’s theatre
  • Middle Ages fairs and events
  • Choral music with drama concerts
  • Museums

This is a great play to get students interested in what happened at the time!


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“You make even the most boring stuff fun.” – Student

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