Creating Choral-History Productions

with Central Oregon History Performers

Central Oregon History Performers, which I established and directed from 1996-2017, was an auditioned group of 80 students who re-enacted different historical time periods using music, art, dance, and drama. They absolutely delighted audiences with variety, quality, and polish!

If you are a choral director interested in building a history-based arts program, my interview by Catherine Wood will give you LOTS of IDEAS. Then you will see some photos of productions I wrote and directed, as well as a list of drama skits.

Here are some of the reporter’s questions:

  • What is your choral niche?
  • Why do you create your own music-history or cultural programs rather than using something already written?
  • Do you ever choose music out of a time period?
  • So what exactly was Central Oregon History Performers? What did you do?
  • How did you get that kind of variety in your performances?
  • I read this quote from a parent: “[Ms. Locklear’s] the best of the best when it comes to getting the greatest effort out of children. I’ve often watched her working with a group of kids and wondered how she does it – how she gets them to fall in love with her and her subject matter so that they’re willing to give 110%.” How do you get the best of the best with students?
  • How did you write these productions?
  • There is a lot of music to choose from in any time period. How did you chose music?
  • I understand the key to a successful program like yours is programming. What advice do you have for other choral directors?
  • How did you put together a production in 10-12 rehearsals? That’s like two weeks of school rehearsals.
  • You said you didn’t have stage managers?
  • How did you then handle costuming? Props?
  • How is art used in your productions?
  • Before we finish up, would you talk about your charity work with the group?

You can also contact me as an affiliate to rent some of the productions shown in this book.

For former students, this picture-tribute is well-deserved recognition!

61 pages


“It’s been an amazing journey with History Performers. I have learned so much about history, drama, music, and really, LIFE. You have played a huge role in shaping the person I am today.” – Megan, student

“Congratulations again on another wonderful program. It had your stamp all over it – all so freshly creative and flowing. You have great ideas, and your programs are unique, and so refreshing for the audience, and obviously stimulating and loads of fun for your students. Bravo!” – Dr. Clyde T.

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