Creative Novel Study Ideas: The Sign of the Beaver

70 ideas for teachers. No workbook pages

Interested in a creative, non-workbook reading experience for your students or homeschooled children?

With Creative Novel Study Ideas: The Sign of the Beaver, teachers follow student interests and provide interactive activities that make the time period come alive. Included:

  • Map-reading, history reviews, timelines
  • Art projects
  • Clothes
  • Food-sampling and recipes
  • Health and fitness games
  • Literature circle ideas
  • Native money
  • Songs (includes game, instruments), chant, dance ideas
  • Nature and Science
  • Two writing projects (one with art)
  • An amazing section of teacher questions that give insights into interactive classrooms!


There are no worksheets. No pre-reading activities. No formal focus on vocabulary. No formal reading response questions. No assigned research, journaling, cause and effect writing, or character sketches. No workbook assessments.


Kids fall in love with the story of Matt and Attean and the time in which they lived. In a natural way, students encounter similarities and differences and relationships between ideas. They analyze, problem solve, organize, investigate, and interpret. This is by following their lead and by weaving in creative activities without disrupting the flow of reading the novel. (And yes, student reading levels increase with this non-traditional method.)

Grab this flexible resource of teaching ideas. Have fun! –Rebecca Locklear, Reading Specialist   Take a LOOK INSIDE! to the left.

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