Cross-Cultural Travel & Communication Activities

  • Do you need an activity to assist students in understanding people from other cultures?
  • How do Americans successfully meld into cultures when traveling or visiting other countries?
  • What happens when you don’t know their rules and they don’t know yours?

Included are 5 activities that will help explore this area. Choose even ONE to use with your students!

1 The Greeting Game

2 Vine Art Activity and Discussion

3 Vine Drama and Reminders

4 Emotions Improvisation

5 The Imitation Game

Observe. Imitate. Ask. Play. Give. Help. These activities get students thinking about cultural communication.


✎ “Great inter-cultural reminders!” – Anne F.

Highlights & Features

  • 17 Student Workshops
  • 120 Activities
  • For Grades 4 – 12
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