Great Hall Escape

Two knights, a duke, and a fool

This drama skit is perfect when studying the Middle Ages. In these two-scenes, the court jester is no fool. Nor are two knights who serve Duke William of Normandy, France. How do they manage to escape a death plot?

  • Setting: 1045, Normandy
  • Type: Historical fiction
  • Cast: 4 plus others
  • Performance Time: 6-8 minutes

Grades 9-12 or adults   ~   7 pages

Used in choral-drama concerts, history-drama performances, or at Middle Ages events – to great acclaim! (I’ve used this many times.)

First performed by Central Oregon History Performers.


“As always, the show was delightful with the drama performances expertly done. What an enjoyable way to learn about history!” – Mary, concert-goer

Highlights & Features

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