Homeschooling Back in the '90s

Family ideas for TODAY!

Are there ideas from the 1990s that home educators can use today? Absolutely!

  • Organizing your home
  • Daily Schedules: chores, school subjects, nighttime reading
  • Traditions and Routines

This resource is filled with ideas that promote cozy, family living and community. Even the article on how I changed my teaching style is filled with ideas.

At the same time, social issues over the past 20 years have drastically changed the landscape of society in general. Issues I tackle in an article weren’t even issues back in the 1990s. Also, what is the future of non-traditional education?

Glean all that you can. Home educating is strong and I support you in your choice.  If I could live my life again, I would homeschool all over again.

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