Hurricane Aftershock

A true story from Cape Cod

The HURRICANE of 1938 pounded Cape Cod, Massachusetts and was one of the deadliest and most destructive storms to hit New England.

Roxane Eldredge-Coffin prepares her home the best she can for the impending storm, unaware of the dramatic, life-changing event that was about to happen involving electricity. Read to find out!


  • Literature: With “weather” such a part of life today, this is a great story about survival, as well as a reminder for preparedness. Includes discussion questions.
  • Read as a follow-up story to the biography I wrote called, The Surfman’s DaughterGrowing up in a Cape Cod village 1904-1929. (Amazon e-book/print)

Grades 6-12, adults


“I like this! You nailed it!” – Barb, from Cape Cod

“This is an interesting story for a family setting when you need something about hurricanes. It’s especially apropos if you live in the New England area. I read Rebecca Locklear’s book, The Surfman’s Daughter, that precedes this story, which is why this short story really appealed to me.” – C. C.

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