Jacobites are Coming!

An English town defends itself

British history, 18th century

SUMMARY: An English town is about to be attacked by the Scottish Jacobites. Something unusual happens when the military locks into the line of cannon fire. A fast-moving, fun skit by British playwright, Chris Green.

  • Type: True event
  • Time and Region: 1745, England
  • Grades: 7-12
  • Performance Time: 5 minutes


  • History classes as reader’s theatre
  • Drama showcases
  • Choral music with drama concerts
  • Museums

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“Not many people study the mid-1700s in England, but that may be a reason to include this scene. It’s just 5 minutes and has a great crowd scene. I have bought nearly all the skits by British playwright Chris Green and highly recommend this one.” – Amazon customer

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