Lady Trent's Soiree

song * poetry * dance

For Choral or Drama Teachers

Lady’s Trent’s Soirée is a scene designed to give students and audiences an idea of what entertainment was like during the early 1800s when evening events and dances in homes were a primary way for men to meet women.

Included are 3 songs, 2 poems, and dance music.

Perfect when studying the early 1800s!

Summary: Lady Trent is hosting an evening get-together or soirée. Who performs when the guest soprano cannot attend?

  • Type: Fiction, though based on the times; 1820s
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Cast: 9 plus guests/dancers                                             
  • Performance Time: 20 minutes

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“Perfect for a choral director who wants a set in their concert that focuses on the early 1800s. There’s choral, solos, readings, and dance. Actually, I would have paid more to just get the three unusual but fabulous songs –Swedish folk, NE England folk, 1700s English.” Amazon customer

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