A poem to ponder

Do you wonder if there’s life way beyond our galaxy? Do your children or students wonder? This 20-line poem explores that wonder beyond – with a little unexpected twist at the end.

At one elementary school where I worked, each year we had a Popcorn & Poetry night. Every year I was asked to recite “Life” so it really is one of my favorites. I’ve also used it in regular and ESL literature and speech classes. I gravitate to resources like this one that can be used over a wide age range.

Many thanks to Grady Locklear for allowing me to include “Life” on my website. He also has three other popular resources here:

  • “Snowstorm” (poem)
  • The Legend of Pirate Sam Bellamy and the Doomed Ship Whydah (poem/acting)
  • George and the DragonS Drama Skits – Swords, magic potion, and a crazy doctor (in verse)

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“My family enjoyed this thought provoking poem. I used it as a jumping off point for my granddaughters as we viewed the sky. I would highly recommend using it also in a classroom situation.” – Cynthia D.

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