Major Choral Works: Big Picture Analysis

In preparing a score, it’s easy to access information instantaneously about the composer, the piece, and even chord analysis. But perhaps you are just looking for the “big picture.”

Years ago, long before the ease of computers, I would write out the basic elements of each choral work I planned to conduct. These would include form, medium, text, keys, tempo/meter, instrumentation, and my many comments.

My hope is that this document will be a useful resource for you. It includes–

  • Bach Cantata 150
  • Bach Magnificat in DM
  • Bruckner Te Deum Laudamus
  • Palestrina Missa Pepae Marcelli
  • Stravinsky Symphone of Psalms
  • Verdi Requiem

I also included a bit about doing research in the olden days, just for fun!

44 pages

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