Medieval Pike Demonstration

I’ve been doing pike demonstrations with students for 20 years and decided to share how I have students make pikes and the commands to use.


The point of a medieval pike demonstration is to give students and audiences an idea of how men used to drill with these weapons. Students learn to make fake pikes and follow authentic commands. It absolutely helps bring to life this era.

Where can a pike demonstration be used?

  • As a part of a history unit.
  • In a reenactment in order to understand battle tactics.
  • As part of a skit or mini-play. (See “At Camp.”)
  • When teaching medieval literature if fighting with pikes is a part of the story.
  • When performing medieval history with music and drama on stage. (Demonstrations like pike, sword, sword dance, or medieval games can be included.)

CARRY ON: From pikes, students often become immersed in period combat and particularly, horse archery.

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  • Grades 6-12
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