Military Brats in Cold War Germany

So what is this? A unit study? Stories? Reader’s theatre, or…what?

Good question. It’s all of the above.

Several teachers and students asked what it was like to live overseas as a military brat during the Cold War. Instead of writing a few stories, I wrote experiences into three drama plays and a poem – all with extensive background information.

The plays are not “creative non-fiction.” I did not make up a plot and invent conflicts between characters. I wrote in a “day-in-the-life” kind of way.

  • One play is about a church group youth camp in the mountains.
  • Another is about riding a train through Communist East Germany.
  • The final play deals with bomb threats, terrorists, rats, and “moving again,” for starters.

Really interesting reading!!

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Highlights & Features

  • Award-winning military brat poem
  • Extensive background information
  • For grades 8 – 12
  • 40 pages
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