Military Brats in Cold War Germany

This 40-page autobiographical resource brings the Vietnam era alive through the eyes of overseas American military dependents.

You will gain a clear picture of the realities of daily life in Germany:

  • moving through Communist territory
  • living in military housing
  • soldiers patrolling school hallways
  • encountering rats
  • target practice with M-16s
  • falling off a street car
  • church camping
  • rationing of sugar, coffee, water, and petrol
  • being the target of terrorism and bomb threats

All incidents are true.

As always, the material is presented creatively through three plays as readers theatre – which includes poems, song, and stories. Included is extensive background information. There are a lot of laughs and some sarcasm along with the seriousness of the topics.

HOW IS THIS USED? If you’re looking for interesting reading from 1970, whether for a group project in a history classroom (military or public school) or for homeschoolers, this is the resource! (Permission is given to make copies for students.)

“Brats ϋber alles!”

Grades 8-12, adults

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“This book perfectly brings to life the culture of the early 1970s. It’s a description of three “days” in the life of high school military dependents. Although interesting for students studying the time period – especially the background information and student interactions, I think adults who used to be Military BRATS would really enjoy this.” – Amazon customer

“I took the train through East Germany to get to Berlin in 1967. Your book brought back memories. It’s so interesting!”  -Mary C., educator

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