Military Brats in Hawaii

"On the Other Side"

Children of military personnel become used to moving to different places, changing schools, and meeting new people at the drop of a hat.

In this true story, two sisters spend time after school exploring the rainforest near their mountain home in Hawaii. What happens when they ignore a military warning?

A perfect “right and wrong” story. Discussion questions and vocabulary list included if used for grades 4-6.

But it’s also a great story for families, having been published in a military magazine. (p.s. It’s about me when I was a kid.)

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“I adore your story. It’s such an authentic scoop of a rather exotic childhood.”—David Greenberg, author of A Tugging String

“You captured that childhood sense of adventure and curiosity that got us into all sorts of hairbreadth ‘scapes.” – David Ervin, Editor in Chief, Military Experience and the Arts

“A fascinating true story every child should hear or read! Kids are drawn to the details – like going barefoot everywhere, and they understand how easy it is to test the boundaries of right and wrong. Charming! Well-written. Not your usual story.” – Amy, educator

“Having spent a fair amount of time on Oahu, I had a particular interest in this story. It also reminded me of my own childhood when my sister and I did something we were specifically told not to do. I liked the way suspense built. The girls acted the way children often do when they have a lot of free time. I also appreciated the discussion questions provided at the end of the story. Discussion can inspire children to think about writing their own true story about a personal experience.” – TpT customer

“This is an engaging story. Discussion questions and vocabulary definitions are a very nice extra. As a reading specialist, one can never have too many stories on hand. Two young girls get into a bit of trouble and have an adventure.” – Karen G., educator

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