Mom and the Snake

Although MOM dislikes reptiles, insects, arachnids, and rats, she tries to accommodate the interests of her kids who are fascinated by those creatures. What happens when snakes get loose in the house?

A delightful, funny skit based on true events. 

  • Time: Present
  • Cast: 4
  • Grades: 4-5
  • Performance Time: 10 minutes

**Used in elementary reading classes as readers theatre or in performance. The story is great to support discussions about reptiles, or an example of script writing before students write their own skits.

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“Kids at home will LOVE to act this out. Fun. Entertaining.” A. L., – TpT customer

“This skit would work well with a unit on reptiles. It helps students explore their own reactions to creepy, crawly things and put it all into perspective. Students thrive with dramatic play and this one will lead to other explorations of improvisation and acting around other fears we have and how to confront them creatively.” – TpT customer

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