Napoleon, Man of Destiny

In this captivating and at times, humorous monologue using “today’s language,” Napoleon (1769-1821) thinks back over his life in 1820 and comments on his achievements.

This is a fabulous monologue for an aspiring actor as he needs to have comic timing but also the ability to move through many emotions.

Grades: 8-12


  • History classes to introduce or summarize Napoleon
  • Drama competitions
  • Music-drama performances set in the 1800s
  • Community and museum events



“This skit skillfully shows Napoleon’s grandiose vision of himself and his importance. It would be a great part for a boy with a sense of humor, who is a bit puffed up and confident in himself. I like how nuggets of history are contained in even the casual things Napoleon says. Many people do not know the fascinating details. Other forgotten bits of history are brought to mind by what Napoleon says — such as the pope crowning him. Very engaging and clever material here.”  -Mary C., educator

“This monologue is perfect for an experienced actor. He not only moves between serious subjects and comic elements…but works on an empty stage. I intend to use this many times in my teaching career. Engaging. Entertaining. A gem.” – Amazon customer

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