Near Coxon's Tower

British soldiers fear Napoleon invasion

SUMMARY: In 1803, in a pub in northeast England, young British soldiers from Coxon’s Tower are in despair over the possible invasion by Napoleon. How do they gain the will and courage to fight?


  • More of a scene than a skit or play, “Near Coxon’s Tower” is easy to fit into a history classroom unit. Use it as reader’s theatre or ask for volunteers to semi-perform it with minimal staging and scripts in hand.
  • It has also been incorporated into a set of history-related skits or a music-drama 1800s event by music or drama teachers.

Work in scenes or skits like this to enhance your teaching!

  • Type: Made up scene
  • Grades: 7-12, adults
  • Cast: 5
  • Performance Time: 5 minutes

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✎”The language is spot-on when depicting this time period.” -Ann M.

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