Piano Teacher's Retreat

Creating an Active Learner Studio

This professional development music workshop is for YOU!


  • How do I keep my students interested past a year or two?
  • My group piano students are bored.
  • I want to be a more hands-on teacher.

I’m sharing 180 of my BEST piano teaching ideas for group or private lessons.

  • Add engaging, hands-on games and activities to teach theory.
  • Review 20 new ways to showcase students instead of the usual recital.
  • Use new leveling charts and student assignment sheets – that will transform your teaching.
  • Sift through a variety of ideas, from motivation to teaching scales.

This book is packed with ideas for piano AND general music teachers. (It was used to coordinate the piano department where I was Department Chair.)

You will have ideas that will change YOU as you increase your creativity in your teaching, which in turns fosters the love of music with your students.

43 pages. Includes reproducible teacher pages.

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REVIEWS from piano and music teachers

Your ideas are not only highly engaging for students, they make ME a different and sought-after teacher.” -Tim R.

“I loved all the games. Will use them all – starting tomorrow!” – Kim

“I’m so inspired!” – Diane M.

“This book has so many great ideas to improve teaching and learning that I’m trying to figure out which items to include first. I’ll start with using the Leveling Charts and Lesson Sheet that students put on a clipboard, and then will add activities not only to my group theory and piano classes, but to private lessons. Huge thanks to Rebecca Locklear for being willing to share so much. It’s obvious she’s an exceptional teacher.” – Amy C.

“A piano teacher’s dream! This resource is loaded with ideas and strategies for use with individual students and piano classes. I loved the scope and sequence charts, creative sample programs, and ready-to-use lesson sheets. Tips for student memorization, skills and technique are excellent. There is so much in this manual!” – Louise C.

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I loved all the games. Will use them all – starting tomorrow!

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