Have a Pilgrim-Native Thanksgiving!

From my house to yours

Are you interested in ideas for a Pilgrim-Native harvest fest this year?

This resource is filled with clever and informative ways to enjoy a three-day event.

INSIDE: crafts, dining table customs, games, recipes, exercise suggestions, a Native word chant, and a new Thanksgiving song — all while learning historical details in the process.

There’s also a place for those who like deep discussion questions, with answers based on new historical evidence. For in the end, the Thanksgiving story provides space for thought, gratitude, and hope.

60 ideas. 24 pages. For parents, families, teachers…anyone!

Enjoy, Rebecca (Mayflower and Wampanoag descendant)

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“Great ideas for families to get involved in our rich Thanksgiving history.”  ~Cindy D., educator and Mayflower descendant

“Rebecca Locklear utilizes many creative approaches that involve lots of interaction. This is a book full of information and ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with both a Pilgrim and Native recognition. Her Thanksgiving ideas would be a fantastic way to celebrate this very important 400th Anniversary of Thanksgiving. This book is full of creativity—from games, recipes, and crafts to deep discussion ideas. I encourage you to get it and use it for a very meaningful event!” – Amazon customer

“My family enjoyed becoming more involved with the preparations and activities that we shared during the Thanksgiving holiday. Learning about our family’s rich Pilgrim history brought about a better understanding and appreciation of our heritage.” William D., parent

“…Rebecca Locklear takes you through ideas for a 3-day house party. The resource is loaded with ideas from harvesting and recipes, to games, drawing, crafts, song–and even learning how to bow like folks used to do. I particularly like the Deep Discussion Questions which address those divisive issues that come up whenever folks talk about the Mayflower landing and Native people. …Put joy into your Thanksgiving by taking a look at this book and adding a few new traditions.” ~Amazon customer

“There are many family-oriented activities in this resource. Plus, the information offers insight into the very earliest New England settlers, Native Americans and their relationships. My family and I appreciate the “look back” with cool recipes, games, and activities.” – Cindy

“I bought this resource so I could help my grandchildren (and their parents) learn more about the Pilgrims, the Native Wampanoag people, and the history behind the Mayflower landing and how the survivors celebrated the first Thanksgiving. As a descendant of Samuel Fuller, a Mayflower passenger, I knew very little about what happened in 1620 and 1621. The resource is full of clever and informative ways to enjoy the dinner in the way the Pilgrims did and learn a lot of history in the process. Children enjoy learning by doing, and certainly the recipes, dining table customs and Thanksgiving activities will be appreciated. Very carefully researched, with a lot of interesting detail. Great value for the price!” – Mary, parent

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