Rebecca Locklear's Catalogue of Educational Materials

Because I teach and write in multiple subject areas, it’s easy to see what I have in this ORGANIZED catalogue! It includes my unit studies, lessons, and LOTS of supplemental material. Enjoy looking through this free download.

TOPICS: Language, Literature ● History ● History with Drama ● Music, Art, Games

Writer’s Bio

Rebecca Locklear has written 62 resources for teachers, 43 historical reenactment productions with music, art, dance, and drama, and 41 drama skits about true events in history. She has also written on family issues, history, homeschooling, and music for AUI Bridge, The Berwick Advertiser, The Choral Journal, The Mayflower Quarterly Magazine, Randall House Museum, and Wreck & Rescue Journal among others and has served as Assistant Editor for the Journal of Media Discourse. Currently, she is writing historical home proposals, and 16 new teacher resources in the fields of non-traditional education, music, history, and the environment.

Highlights & Features

  • 46 teacher resources
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