Recipes in Your Head

Back in the day, when not all people could read, women would have to remember recipes – whether for cooking (what is in this resource) or medicinal purposes. Create a feel for the past by memorizing recipes in a creative way like folks used to do. 

  • Have students find ways to memorize an old recipe that I named “Cranberry Froth” and then transfer the knowledge to pizza crust.
  • Try other old recipes including bread pudding, baked corn, squash casserole, and gingerbread.
  • Glimpse old cooking gadgets as a bonus.

This is a FUN ACTIVITY for homeschoolers since they can cook on the spot.

It’s also  used in the classroom when studying literature or history of the 1800s or early 1900s. (Students can then make the recipe at home.)

Grades 5-12


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Highlights & Features

  • 1 lesson
  • Creative activity
  • For grades 5 – 12
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