Revolutionary War Combo

Silly music trio musings

SUMMARY: Three lads, who play bugle, fife, and drums, relax at camp during the Revolutionary War. One writes a letter to his mother, but what does he really tell her about what’s going on?

The point of this skit is to review some of the incidents that happened in the American Revolutionary War….in a humorous way! Included is Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment, George Washington crossing the Delaware, Paul Revere’s ride and more.

  • Type: True events
  • Grades 6-12, adults
  • Cast: 3
  • Performance Time: 6 minutes

Where has this skit been used?

  • History classrooms
  • Drama showcases
  • History conventions
  • 1700s choral music with drama presentations
  • Museums
  • Independence Day events
  • Reenactments

This is my “go-to” skit when I need something funny–and we do need humor in our lives!

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“Rebecca, you have once again outdone yourself with a fabulous musical and dramatic history performance. Thank you for investing into many lives. You are truly a blessing and your talents are numerous. I hope there will be many more years of creativity and expression….” Sharon, parent

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