Richmond Park, England

Public access to a royal park?

SUMMARY:  John Lewis (1713-1792), a commoner, won a court case against a gatekeeper which ultimately required Her Royal Highness Princess Amelia (1711-1786) to allow a limited pedestrian way through Richmond Park – a royal park.

In this skit, three boys find out they can walk through a park that had previously been reserved only for royalty. But how exactly can they do that?

  • Type:  True information; made-up skit
  • Time and Region:  Near Richmond Park, England in 1758
  • Grades:  9-12
  • Cast:  3
  • Performance Time:  5-8 minutes

***The skit includes substantial background information, map, photos, and sources.


  • History classes as reader’s theatre
  • Drama showcases
  • Homeschool events
  • Museums

Dedicated to the Museum of Richmond, England. Check LOOK INSIDE! to the left.

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