With climate change and the frequency of natural disasters, have you wondered how desperate and fearful it can be when “snow keeps falling” and one by one, items that keep people alive are unusable? This is what this 84-line poem is about. But it’s more than that.

The poem’s message is how to treat everyone you encounter and reveals the best of human behavior.

Where can  “Snowstorm” be read?

  • As a family Christmas Eve tradition
  • In middle or high school literature or speech classes
  • In church

Students and adults like to listen to it and so many like to read it, knowing they need to vary their voice inflection to accommodate the repetition.

Many thanks to  Grady Locklear, for allowing me to include “Snowstorm” on my website. Much of the imagery is based on his life living in snow and cold. His other resources here include –

  • “Life” (poem)
  • The Legend of Pirate Sam Bellamy and the Doomed Ship Whydah (poem/acting)
  • St George and the DragonS Drama Skits: Swords, magic potion, and a crazy doctor (in verse)

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✎”Great for classroom use or with family!” – Cynthia D.

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