St. George and the DragonS Drama Skits

Swords, Magic Potion, and a Crazy Doctor

St. George slays a dragon but also kills a prominent knight.

  • Can the Doctor save the knight? 
  • Is St. George thrown into prison and left to rot? 
  • What happens when the Doctor swears revenge upon the King? 

Find out in these action-packed comedies written in verse.

Price includes royalties.   2 skits. Grades 6-12 or adults.



“For hilarious entertainment, these skits are the best!”  – Fernando R., Actor as St. George

“Wonderfully written. Great to use in drama class, homeschooling class or music class, written to be very user friendly with directions easy to follow and explanations of what materials can be used. Fun for both audience and cast members alike.”  – Norma S., Educator

“Students love being engaged in this fun script. The audience interaction is a definite plus!….” – Kelly, Amazon customer

“Your production was fabulous! The acting in St. George was wonderful and the music was superb.” -Nancy, concert-goer

Highlights & Features

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