The Battle of Halidon Hill

  • Why did 20-year-old King Edward III invade Scotland?
  • How did a town in Scotland defend itself in a siege but end up losing a battle?

The information is serious, but this skit is showcased in a light-hearted way with toy bows and arrows. This is because “The Battle of Halidon Hill” was originally performed as street drama in the English town where the battle took place. The purpose is to show HOW the battle was actually fought on the hill. Students love acting this out!

  • Type: True event
  • Time/Place: 1333 on the slopes of Halidon Hill, Scotland (now England)
  • Cast: 6, plus more for soldiers
  • Grades: 6-12, adults


  • History classes (English and Scottish history 14th century)
  • Middle Ages fairs and events
  • Choral music with drama concerts

Included are four pages of background information including photos and a map.

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