The Golden Vanity

Sir Walter Raleigh: Hero or Villain?

SUMMARY: A young sailor volunteers to sink an enemy ship, but what happens after he successfully completes his mission?

This traditional, fictional song was popular through the 1600s. It has many variations in the text.  Sometimes Sir Walter Raleigh is depicted as the hero and other times, the villain.

While the soloist performs, actors seamlessly move through the scenes using freeze pantomime or pantomime to tell the story.  This is a fantastic piece that always grabs the audience!

  • Cast of Characters: 4 plus crew
  • Setting: c.1588, on board a ship.
  • Performance Time: 7 minutes


  • In choral concerts with a Renaissance theme
  • At Renaissance fairs
  • In drama performances
  • For vocal solo recitals

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“This piece was particularly engaging for the audience, exposing the cruelty of the times along with sincerity and passion. Your soloist was fantastic.” -Wayne, parent

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