The Mayflower at Cape Cod

Stories, activities, and research that connect 1620 with life today

7-Lesson Unit Study Grades 6-12 

What happened when the Mayflower anchored off Cape Cod for five weeks in 1620?

In what ways can Pilgrim and Native experiences relate to issues today?

  • Enjoy fascinating stories.
  • Participate in activities: art, drama, cooking, discussions, games.
  • Examine areas such as cross-cultural communication, materialism, migration, self-sufficiency, tribal issues, and wilderness survival.
  • Explore controversial questions: Should Pilgrims be held responsible for the eventual decimation of Native people?

This resource is packed with ideas and includes a balance of Pilgrim and Native information.  Enjoy the search for answers and become immersed in The Mayflower at Cape Cod!   

70 activities, 80 research areas, 71 pages 

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“The Mayflower at Cape Cod is one of the most balanced historical curricula to tell the story of the Pilgrims and Native Indians that I have found. Having strong ancestral roots in Native Indian lineage on both sides of our family, this story has strong meaning for us. I am comfortable using this as a tool in teaching my children about our history.” Jenn W., Homeschool Educator 

“This book is a gold mine.” David Hess, Governor, Nevada Society of Mayflower Descendants 

“This author creates a true resource – something to refer to and go back and use over and over. She brings to life a little-known piece of the Mayflower story with many insightful and hands-on activities….” Amy C., Educator

Rebecca Locklear presents a balanced historical perspective and insightful yet respectful challenges to how we perceive the history of the Mayflower and Pilgrim experience. A very worthwhile read for all age groups. – Larry B.

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There's a balance of Pilgrim and Native information and a variety of topics that get students thinking. Detailed. Comprehensive. Fun!

Cindy CarltonCurriculum Writer