The Surfman's Daughter

Growing up in a Cape Cod villiage 1904-1929

If you are interested in true stories from the early 1900s, this book is for YOU. Created for adults and teens. BOOK RELEASE, May 2022.

Missing piano keys, a “cold” fire, and chickens in the outhouse!

     Journey to Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1904 to meet Roxane Eldredge in this short-story biography.

     Spirited and inquisitive as a child, Roxane tries to be good, but gets into scrapes. From pranks to starting a house fire, things go awry. Yet she also exudes responsibility by trapping skunks and picking cranberries to help with family finances and by volunteering at the Chatham Naval Air Station during World War I. Still, even as an adult, she winds up in tight spots. Why does she get stranded in a boat while out fishing?

     Settle into the early 1900s as Roxane navigates humorous and serious situations, sparkling with determination.

“Fabulous presentation of life at the time with a compelling writing style.” -John Chamberlain, author of Finding Things

“A must-read for all who love to learn about history through literature.”     -Homeschool Life Magazine

“My family was drawn to Roxane because of her hilarious exploits.”    -Jenny Underwood, educator

Highlights & Features

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