U.S. Life-Saving Service Drama Plays

True Cape Cod Stories, 1904

  • Are you interested in the post-Civil War time period?
  • Would you like an introduction to the U.S. Life-Saving Service -1878-1915? (Pre-Coast Guard)
  • Are you a teacher in need of a monologue for a girl or a play with 7 boys?
  • Are you part of a maritime museum who needs a short play for an event?

This book contains an abundance of information about early search and rescue, wrapped up into two short drama plays.

“The Survivor,” based on a true incident, takes place in 1904 and is about a sailor who was rescued the previous night from a stranded ship off Cape Cod.

In “The Bird We Didn’t Eat,” enter into daily life at a remote search and rescue station on Cape Cod with seven male actors representing the surfmen and keeper (captain). The incidents in this play are true.

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Grades 9-12, adults


“The Bird We Didn’t Eat” was hilarious, but it brought out the stress the men were under.” – Jenny U., Educator

“Rebecca has done a fantastic job bringing this period of time to life through [these] plays….” Erin A., Educator

“[My kids] loved the skits… It helped them learn the information in a less traditional way that didn’t feel like learning.” Joanna Y., Educator

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