Unusual Music Notation

In this resource, I take you on a walk through my world as a pianist and choral director and the different types of music notation (outside of experimental) that I experience.

Particularly outside the USA, a piece of music might have both sharps and flats in the key signature or contain unfamiliar symbols, but I must adapt on the spot. (Ah…my brain is fried!)

Examples in cultural context include –

  • Three Staves             
  • Hm/Solfege Symbols             
  • Key Signatures                     
  • Indonesian        
  • Shape-Note                        
  • Chant                        
  • Tablature          
  • Figured Bass

Connect on a personal level as I share my stories!

For piano or music teachers and students. Includes a chant for performance. Grades 6-12, adults


Would you like to see PHOTOS from my research in Morocco, Latvia, and Scotland? Click RIGHT HERE.

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