Word Archeology

Digging Up Latin and Greek Roots

This is the best root book out there! It’s adaptable for grades 4-12 and is taught just one day a week with an abundance of interactive activities.

Students become word lovers as they master 123 Latin and Greek root words with derivatives, 40 prefixes, 41 abbreviations, 26 common Latin sayings, and 21 conversational words.

USE: In addition to being used in elementary, middle and high schools, Word Archeology is currently being used in overseas international schools with ESL students and in multi-age homeschool groups. 208 pages

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“This was a perfect resource for teaching lessons for Greek and Latin roots. Thank you! Highly recommended.” -Alison S., educator

“GREAT material! What better way to understand and comprehend language than to study word roots. Rebecca’s connection to the lessons, worksheets, games and extensions makes these lessons easy to use. It engages students quickly. Kids are loving it. It makes them feel so smart! For comprehension and for life-long connections, this manual is a MUST!” Cindy C., educator

Anyone interested in a deep dive unit study of Latin and Greek will find this a great resource. It unlocks a wealth of understanding with an efficient and fun presentation.” Lydia V., educator

“I’m particularly impressed with the textbox examples.” – Ruth H.
“The Word Archeology program has improved the education of so many students.” – Ben W., former Oregon State Senator

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