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History and Drama

Mayflower Event Coming Up!

What do we really know about the English who came to the New World in 1620? What was it about the religious climate that propelled the Pilgrims to leave England? Was the Mayflower Compact significant – or not? Did Pilgrims…
April 22, 2023
History and Drama

1621 Thanksgiving Reenactment

     It seems that each year, more archeological evidence emerges concerning the first years of the Plymouth settlement in the 1620s. It’s now agreed that the three-day 1621 harvest served as a diplomatic event and included many more Native…
December 14, 2022
History and Drama

Drama Skits in History Class?

Recently, a teacher friend stopped by my house. I showed her my Performing History Series books. She shook her head.  “No one would ever use drama to teach history…or anything else.” Immediately, my mind went into over-gear as I thought…
July 1, 2021
History and Drama

Night-time History Reading Books

     A teacher  from Oregon asked what history-related books my family used for reading aloud after dinner.  A short list follows for grades 3-6. I’m choosing oldies but goodies, but there are many other wonderful books out there today. Ancient…
January 8, 2021
History and Drama

Mayflower Reviews are In!

  The Mayflower at Cape Cod  - Stories, activities, and research that connect 1600 with life today Below are quotes with links to the longer, full reviews that include photos of home educated students involved in activities. Many reviewers said…
June 28, 2020