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Introducing Military Brats in Cold War Germany

     On Facebook, there was an anonymous post where someone wrote, “Somewhere in between a military veteran and a civilian you will find me. I’m a BRAT. I straddle the fence separating both worlds, never totally belonging in one or the other.”

  That statement is so true. As a military BRAT, I always felt the benefits outweighed the negatives, however.  Yes, I changed schools every year in our travels, but I was able to absorb new cultures and have experiences most kids didn’t have at that time. Yes, I felt the loss of a sense of home base or roots and connections with extended family members; and yet, I seem to be able to make friends with anyone from anywhere. I’ve always been thankful for how being a part of the military shaped my view of life.

     Military Brats in Cold War Germany is a high school autobiographical “day-in-the-life” example of how BRATS lived in the early 1970s: soldiers patrolling school hallways, riding a train through Communist East Germany, encountering rats, going on a church youth retreat in the mountains.

      Instead of writing one long story, I presented true information a bit creatively in a short essay, three drama skits, and a poem.

     This is perfect for when you or some of your students want to study the Vietnam era but don’t want to get into the actual war or if you are interested in the life of a BRAT!

    Find out more on the PREVIEW on my website RIGHT HERE. I hope you truly enjoy this resource.

Brats ϋber alles!

Military Brats in Cold War Germany

REBECCA LOCKLEAR is an author and writer of educational materials with a particular interest in true events in history – which she reveals through music, art, dance, and drama. Visit