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Mayflower at Cape Cod Article on Rebecca

By May 7, 2020January 31st, 2023News

The Mayflower at Cape Cod

Review by Catherine Dulzo

What happened when the Mayflower anchored off Cape Cod for five weeks in 1620? In what ways can Pilgrim and Native experiences relate to issues today? Author and teacher, Rebecca Locklear, has just recently published a compelling lesson plan book that addresses these questions and more.

At our October 2019 meeting, we were treated to Rebecca’s presentation, “Mayflower 400–Looking through a Lens,” a fun and informative look at the lives of Natives and Pilgrims. We gained a deeper insight into their lives and even learned a Native chant.

Rebecca’s book, The Mayflower at Cape Cod: Stories, activities, and research that connect 1620 with life today, is filled with fascinating stories and engaging activities comprising art, drama, cooking, discussions and games that support the examination of cross-cultural communication, environmental concerns, materialism, migration, self-sufficiency, tribal issues, and wilderness survival.

A Mayflower and Wampanoag descendent herself, Rebecca presents a balance of Pilgrim and Native information in this comprehensive, 7-lesson unit that connects 1620 with life today. (Photo to the left shows First Encounter Beach with the same weather conditions as in 1620.)

You can download your own copy HERE. Or, for more information go to

From “Distant Voices,” Bend Genealogical Society, February 2020