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Mayflower Event Coming Up!

By April 22, 2023May 2nd, 2023History and Drama

What do we really know about the English who came to the New World in 1620? What was it about the religious climate that propelled the Pilgrims to leave England? Was the Mayflower Compact significant – or not? Did Pilgrims wear black and white clothes with buckles? Were they engaged in stealing Native land? Find answers to your Mayflower questions!

Beth Lambright, Governor of the Oregon Society of Mayflower Descendants will present the lecture “The Pilgrims: What is Fact? What is Fiction?” on Saturday, June 10 at 10:00 a.m. at The Bridge Church in Redmond, Oregon. A prominent Mayflower historian, Lambright looks at the Pilgrims with new insights, backed by the latest archeological and historical research.

Following the presentation, attendees can view items related to the 1600s: books, maps and posters, a ship and a house model, clothing, shells, music, Cape Cod and Native items, table settings, and a page from the Geneva Bible. There will also be genealogy information available.

Along with speaker Beth Lambright, who will be dressed in authentic Pilgrim costume, members of Central Oregon Mayflower & Wampanoag Descendants and Bend Genealogical Society & Library, who are sponsoring the event, will be available for your questions. There will be books for sale, including Rebecca Locklear’s The Mayflower at Cape Cod, and items to eat.

  • What: Mayflower Event: “The Pilgrims: What is fact? What is fiction?”
  • When: Saturday, June 10, 2023
  • Time: 10:00 a.m.
  • Where: The Bridge Church, 2398 W Antler Ave., Redmond, Oregon
  • Cost: Free. Donations welcome to defray costs.
  • Contact Organizer: Rebecca Locklear, Leader of Central Oregon Mayflower and Wampanoag Descendants:


Join us on this special day!