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Mayflower Reviews are In!

By June 28, 2020January 30th, 2023History and Drama

  The Mayflower at Cape Cod  – Stories, activities, and research that connect 1600 with life today

  • Below are quotes with links to the longer, full reviews that include photos of home educated students involved in activities.
  • Many reviewers said that although I wrote this for grades 6-12, topics can be adapted for upper elementary.

Many thanks to 18 homeschool or public school teachers who used this unit study the past few months!


“What if you have already studied the Mayflower? I can say with much certainty that you have not studied the Mayflower in quite this way.”   Patty M., Educator   FULL REVIEW HERE

“I really enjoyed the in-depth study of The Mayflower at Cape Cod and how it looks at both “sides” and not just the “winners” side. It is a very unbiased, research-backed unit study.” Crystal S., Educator 

     “There are only a few people who truly magnetize me towards their work and Rebecca Locklear is one of them. Her personal teaching style and informational lessons are unique and sincerely one-of-a-kind. Not only does she provide a ton of useful information to read, study, and ponder…but she also includes handfuls of activities that suit all learning styles.

     This isn’t a repetition of the old standard knowledge of every other Mayflower textbook out there. Every lesson is crazy juicy with intriguing material. There’s really no telling what else she will create that will no doubt be exploding with information you just never knew or never even considered.”  Richie S., Educator  FULL REVIEW HERE

“The Mayflower at Cape Cod is one of the most balanced historical curricula to tell the story of the Pilgrims and Native Indians that I have found. Having strong ancestral roots in Native Indian lineage on both sides of our family, this story has strong meaning for us. I am comfortable using this as a tool in teaching my children about our history.” Jenn W., Homeschool Educator  FULL REVIEW HERE

     “For each lesson there is some reading, activities, and research topics. Don’t be fooled though! There is a total of 70 activities and 80 research topics! I liked that the lessons were short and contained pictures. The lessons served as a great jumping off point. It was just enough information for a small unit study, but included enough activities and research project ideas to span an entire semester. I appreciate the flexibility of it in that way. One [other] thing I appreciated about this curriculum is that it makes discussion natural and relevant. It really helps teens to think beyond themselves. This is something I can see us pulling out again and again over the years.” Natasha B. Homeschool Educator   FULL REVIEW HERE

“I really like this study! It is very well-written and the stories are engaging and interesting! There was a nice selection [of activities] to choose from, although it was hard to choose just a few. There were activities for my art-loving daughter, my talkative, creative thinking son, and my quiet and thoughtful son. I was also impressed with the list of research topics. There was such a variety and they were all thought-provoking and interesting.”  Megan R., Homeschool Educator FULL REVIEW HERE

 “My girls had fun with the art, cooking, and games; but my favorite part was the research topics. Throughout these research topics in each lesson, students truly explore history as they search for answers. I am very pleased with the layout and array of activities.” Susan R., Homeschool Educator FULL REVIEW HERE

“I really appreciate the way Rebecca Locklear delves into both sides of the story. When I was growing up I wasn’t taught the Native Indians’ side. With everything going on in our world right now, I think it is very important to understand the whole story.” Karen W., Educator FULL REVIEW HERE

“There are very heavy topics in The Mayflower at Cape Cod including cultural appropriation, environmental ethics, stereotyping, immunization, epidemics, and slavery.”  Kristin H., Homeschool Teacher FULL REVIEW HERE


“This book is a gold mine.” David Hess, Governor, Nevada Society of Mayflower Descendants 

“You will be surprised and delighted with the broad range of ideas, activities, stories and useful interactive materials here. This author creates thought-provoking lessons with multi-dimensional options for teaching.” Cindy C., Middle School Teacher 

“This author creates a true resource – something to refer to and go back and use over and over. She brings to life a little-known piece of the Mayflower story with many insightful and hands-on activities; but those same activities can be used in general history, English, or science classrooms. ***Some favorites: Winner and Loser Discussion, Needs and Wants Games, Nature Survival Care and Kit, Not in My Shoes Activity, Cross-Cultural Travel and Communication Tips, and Native Words and Rhythm Activities.***  Again, many activities and discussion topics are useful even beyond this actual Mayflower cross-disciplinary unit.” Amy C., Educator   

“This is a great resource for learning about the pilgrims and their encounter with the natives. The activities are very engaging and well thought out. Very easy to use and to document with your learning goals. The students will gain so many higher level skills from these activities and will also gain a very well rounded view of this history.” Linda J., 6-12 Teacher 

“Dynamic history, relevant to today.”  Donna L., K-12 Teacher

“Using their imagination, creativity, and senses in a variety of activities, students explore the Cape Cod Pilgrim-Native story in this thoughtfully written and well-researched book.” Jacqueline N., Educator/General Society of Mayflower Descendants