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Night-time History Reading Books

By January 8, 2021January 31st, 2023History and Drama

     A teacher  from Oregon asked what history-related books my family used for reading aloud after dinner.  A short list follows for grades 3-6. I’m choosing oldies but goodies, but there are many other wonderful books out there today.

  • Ancient Egypt – The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt by Elizabeth Payne
  • Ancient Rome – Detectives in Togas by Henry Winterfeld
  • Ancient Rome – Mystery of the Roman Ransom  by  Henry Winterfeld
  • 1200s – The Barons’ Hostage by Geoffrey Trease
  • Late 1300s – A Shot from a Sling  by Peter John Stephens
  • Early 1600s –  I Juan de Pareja by  Elizabeth Borton de Trevino
  • 1700s –  Wilderness Wife (Rebecca Boone) by  Etta Degering
  • 1768+  – The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth Speare
  • 1778 – The Fighting Ground by Avi
  • Early 1800s – The Bears of Blue River by  Charles Major
  • 1870s – Incident at Hawk’s Hill by Allan Eckert
  • Early 1900s – The World of the Grizzlies by Beth Day
  • Early 1900s – Little Britches (and sequels) by Ralph Moody
  • Early 1900s – Minnow on the Say by Philippa Pearce
  • 1918 – Rascal by Sterling North
  • Mid-1900s – My Life with the Chimpanzees (revised) by  Jane Goodall