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Raw Times We Live In – World War I and II

     Working in the field of history, I’m sure it’s obvious I enjoy true stories. Wherever I go, I listen to the stories of others and often include them in my resources. One time, a British couple shared stories about their family’s experiences.

WORLD WAR I STORY: “My grandfather joined the flying corps in the First World War. After he had crashed about six planes, they said they couldn’t afford him and sent him back to the university to continue his research. He was a chemist.”

WORLD WAR II STORY: “My dad was a code specialist and did cyphers. He and another chap were seconded to the Americans and sent to North Africa. They flew out in an American plane and were too proud to ask how to use the parachutes they were given. So they sat on them all the way. Good thing they didn’t have to use them! That might appeal to Americans…….bloody-minded Brits.”

                               – Stories submitted by A. B. from England

     I have many short stories like the ones above, but generally I write resources where I have considerably more information. You may be interested in military-related resources listed below. These can be for your students, yourself, or community arts or museum programs.


  • 1942    “Give me a hand!” History Skits 1942-1945: Little-Known Episodes from World War II
  • 1965    Military Brats in Hawaii: “On the Other Side” (story)
  • 1971+  Three Days in a BRATS Life – Germany 1971-1972
  • —–     Europe BRATS: Looking Back (poem)


  • 1803    Near Coxon’s Tower – British soldiers fear Napoleon invasion (drama)
  • 1820    Napoleon, Man of Destiny (monologue)
  • 1898+  Exploring the U.S. Life-Saving Service 1898-1915 (unit study)


  • 1715    The Legend of Pirate Sam Bellamy and the Doomed Ship Whydah (poem/drama)
  • 1745    Jacobites are Coming! – An English town defends itself (drama)
  • 1773+  Revolutionary War Combo – Silly music trio musings
  • 1775    Johnny has Gone for a Soldier (song)


  • 1587    The Ramparts – Queen Elizabeth I’s Defenses (drama)


  • 1000s  Great Hall Escape – Two knights, a duke, and a fool
  • 1286+ Beyond Scotland’s Golden Age (drama)
  • 1333    The Great Siege – Desperate Choices (drama)
  • 1333    The Battle of Halidon Hill (drama)
World War II Medal - Schofield

This medal was given to my grandfather, Winford Schofield. You can read about him in “Give me a hand!”