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Rebecca Locklear

This is the space where people try to sum up their lives in a few sentences!

    1. I’m interested in everything and need another life to accomplish all the things I want to do.
    2. My motto is Dum vivimus, vivamus, which in Latin means “Let us LIVE while we live.”
    3. I’m a writer, preschool through grade 12 multiple-subject teacher, professional pianist and choral director, faculty coach, and outdoor enthusiast…who also enjoys sharing teaching ideas.
    4. My teaching style? Here’s a comment from a public school 3rd grader when he introduced me to his parents: “This is Ms. Locklear. Her class isn’t school.”

I better explain #4. Starting with my first teaching job, I’ve written music-drama productions and units and curricula in various fields, creating experiences that are predominantly hands-on. Testing data has documented that my students have excelled with my rather unusual instructional techniques. More importantly, they remain interested, enthusiastic, focused, and always seem to rise above my high expectations. So yes, that 3rd grader was spot on!

I have a bit of writing backup from my former principal at an overseas school: “Her intelligence and organization in curriculum writing and planning is outstanding.” – Phillip V.

I also….

  • …hold degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and Stephen F. Austin State University.
  • …am Founder and Director of the 80-student Central Oregon History Performers (est. 1996) – celebrating history through music, art, dance, and drama.
  • …have had the opportunity to teach in many kinds of schools: public, private Christian, non-traditional, community, and overseas international. I also home educated my children.
  • …have written articles for Al Akhawayn University Bridge (Morocco), As You Were: The Military Review, The Berwick Advertiser (England), The Choral Journal, Homeschool Life Magazine, The Mayflower Quarterly Magazine, Randall House Museum (Canada), and Wreck & Rescue Journal (U.S. Life-Saving Service Heritage Association).

Ven Locklear

Ven Locklear is a concept artist and illustrator whose imaginative work involves bizarre creatures, epic fantasy scenes, menacing monsters, and surreal characters.

Ven draws some of the covers and interior illustrations for my books. These illustrations are pretty far from “menacing monsters” but are really great, nonetheless!

Currently, he is Lead Designer for DF/Producer Excision producing promotional materials, album covers, clothing, and stage set design. He also works for video gaming companies worldwide. He has a BFA in Illustration from Pacific Northwest College of Art.  See

Deborah Halston

Deborah Halston is the teacher you always wished you had! As a history, civics, and American Government instructor, she passes on her deep passion for history by engaging students in creative ways. A highlight each year is involving students in role playing doing historical impersonations for the Living History Museum school events. Deborah’s enthusiasm and energy inspires students to question and want to learn more.

I’ve not only worked with Deborah on history-based music-drama productions, but have used many of her humorous and entertaining plays in productions put on by Central Oregon History Performers. My favorite monologue is “Napoleon, Man of Destiny.” (Find it under History 1800s.)

Chris Green

Chris Green (d. 2017), British actor, playwright, and historian, collaborated with me on writing drama skits in “Give me a sword!” History Skits 1000-1500s and “Give me a lime!” History Skits 1700s. Basically, he wrote the skits and I adapted them for students, adding historical background information.

Chris had a way of relating history to modern audiences. As curator of the Berwick Borough Museum in Berwick-upon-Tweed, England (1990-2009), he emphasized doing historic scenes in the theatrical style appropriate to the period, and then involved the museum in major town festivals.

For example, in 2006, when Berwick commemorated the 150th anniversary of the end of the Crimean War, “the highlight of the programme was an action-packed performance, scripted and directed by Chris in which the gallant British soldiers and Royal marines fought off a surprise attack by a band of escaped Russian prisoners-of-war (Time to Explore…).” Chris had a passion for presenting history in a fresh form.

Chris not only wrote many drama scripts but also books of history. He also gave entertaining lectures on various topics. He was an amazing person with an exceptional mind and is truly missed.

Individual skits on my website by Chris Green:

  • Near Coxon’s Tower (1803)
  • Jacobites are Coming! (1745)
  • The Ramparts (1587)
  • The Great Siege (1333)
  • The Battle of Halidon Hill (1333)
  • Beyond Scotland’s Golden Age (1286+)

Grady Locklear

Grady Locklear has written two pieces listed on my website that are hugely popular.

  • “The Legend of Pirate Sam Bellamy,” an award winning poem that can be acted out, has been performed by high school students all over the world. It is sold as a single as well as in the book, “Give me a lime!”.
  • “St. George and the DragonS: The Doctor’s Revenge” (from the book St. George and the DragonS) is a great deal of fun for performers and audiences! Add smiles and laughs to your Middle Ages studies.

Grady is a marketing manager with a master’s degree in marketing communication, as well as a writer and editor. An avid traveler, he has lived in England, Spain, and S. Korea, and has visited over 20 countries.